At The Maples Restaurant We’ll Serve You
The Best Steak You’ve Ever Tasted!

After you’ve had a sizzling, mouth-watering steak at The Maples Restaurant, you’ll wonder why you would ever go outside the Mon Valley for a great steak. And that’s not blowing smoke.

There aren’t many other restaurants out there like ours.

First off, other establishments are high on a flashy appearance and a certain ambiance – and that’s not necessarily bad, but it makes them more focused on paying for their building and less able to provide you with a good quality meal.

The Maples is happy with a simple but attractive interior so we can give you delicious, mouth-watering food in generous portions for a smaller cost than you’ll see in the more popular steak restaurants. We want you to leave thinking that you’ve just had one of the best meals you can remember.

Second, our menu is simple. We don’t have twenty pages of entrees, appetizers, salads, pasta, and desserts – any of which can be served, but none of which are remarkable. The Maples does a few items well – EXTREMELY well. In fact, the menu is only one page. It’s simple, but it allows us to concentrate more on making each dish the best it can possibly be.

Third, our mindset is that you are like a guest in our own home. We don’t serve a bad meal. If we wouldn’t eat it ourselves, we don’t serve it to our customers.

The Maples buys the best food and ingredients available. We take our time in preparing it. We cook it to perfection. Every meal that goes out is examined for quality. In fact, in the last three years, we have never had a meal sent back for any reason.

As for those steaks, our specialty is the 16 oz. Chateaubriand cut. Only the best, middle, portion of the tenderloin is used for this steak. Every steak is uniformly the same as the one before it and is chosen for that uniformity. No odds and ends are used. That means it can also be evenly cooked and you will get the same delicious taste in every bite and every time you order.

We can honestly say that you will get a steak just as good at our establishment (many of our customers say better!) as you will get anywhere else, including those restaurants where you might pay $400 for a party of four.

Is that blowing smoke? Come on in and decide for yourself. If you’ve never been to The Maples, get ready to have an eye-opening experience.

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